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How it came about

The Fastlayer concept sprung to life from the need to provide HTTP acceleration and caching to a growing base of clients running disparate platforms. The software is modeled to work as a dedicated appliance platform with multi-tenant capabilities. Fastlayer provides the software and the client allocates the hardware (or virtual machine). But allow me backtrack a bit and start from the beginning.

Several years ago, UNIXy, a fully managed hosting services firm, started offering Varnish Cache to clients as demand for such software grew immensely. A few years later, they built a limited set of tools to automate installation and support. UNIXy supports a large set of control panels. In fact, the firm supports all third party software. Support became even more challenging at that point.

Then comes the cPanel Varnish Plugin, which offered installation, management, and integration with the well known Web hosting control panel cPanel WHM. It was followed a few months later by the DirectAdmin Varnish Plugin; ad nauseam.


Fastlayer to the rescue

Here we are today having built Fastlayer. Third party application support is no longer a concern for clients that need acceleration and caching. Fastlayer acts as an acceleration layer and can host hundreds of host names (virtual hosts). It’s manageable and API-enabled so it’s programmable.

How to obtain Fastlayer

We are currently undergoing beta testing of the product with a diverse set of cloud operators,  Web service providers, and individuals. Fastlayer is always looking to reach out to more folks


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