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Curious about the look & feel of Fastlayer? Check out the interface screen shots below:

Aplication Homepage
Aplication Homepage
Aplication Homepage


Fastlayer improves page delivery performance and reduces infrastructure costs. A typical server cracks under increased, unexpected visitor pressure. The typical remedy-approach is to either upgrade resources or hire an expert to pinpoint the bottleneck.

Before we delve into the details, here is an account from Mr. S. Lee owner of Not Always Right,, on how Fastlayer helped counter a traffic storm:


Not Always Right got on the Reddit front page Sunday, tripling daily traffic from 100k to 300k visits. High traffic continuing throughout today, and not a single hiccup from the server. Load barely breaks 1.0. Thanks guys.


Servers are susceptible to all kinds of stress. The most unpredictable type of stress comes from serving Web pages to the public where traffic patterns are the most difficult to plan for. The usual outcome is a crashed server or dismal performance at best.



With Fastlayer, however, server stress is off-loaded to an HTTP object cache that is not constrained by disk IO or CPU but instead leverages extremely fast memory operations with a fraction of CPU time.


The end result is an uneventful and pleasant browsing experience. With Fastlayer mediating traffic between your visitors and your server, your portal is certain to handle the most arduous load with high flying colors.




One Fastlayer appliance can accelerate hundreds of hostnames simultaneously without breaking a sweat. This multi-tenant property makes it ideal for the cloud. Fastlayer comes with a simple to use provisioning API for cloud deployment scenarios.



Fastlayer excels in several other use cases where faster page loads and efficient use of resources is required.